About the School

The School of Media and Communication (SMC), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was founded in September 2002. The school boasts solid foundation in theoretical research, high competitiveness in professional skills and distinctive features in discipline construction, making it one of the top media and design schools in China.

SMC features its teaching in aspects of high interaction of arts and science, interdependence of theory and practice, interconnection of technology, academic research and arts, internationalization, digitization, and integration of Industry-University-Research. It orients itself toward setting up cluster of disciplines where journalism and communication, arts and management interact and complement each other. SMC aims at training and educating a new generation of “multi-talented graduates” who are not only equipped with advanced communication theories and techniques, but also with creative design thinking and capability.

SMC consists of three departments, i.e., Journalism and Communication, Film and Television, Design, and Cultural Industry and Management. A series of undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs are provided in these fields. To date, SMD has more than 800 students in total,including more than 200 oversea students in various programs.

The school is staffed by about 55 faculty members who are strong in teaching as well as research and professional experiences. Among the faculty, there are 20 professors and 22 associate professors. More than half of the faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees from first-rate universities in China, U.S., U.K., and etc. One faculty member was awarded “Cross-Centurial Talent” by the Ministry of Education of China, and four were awarded “New Century Talent”. Several faculty members sit on the editorial board of internationally renowned academic journals. In addition, SMD has retained a group of academic elites and business leaders as visiting and part-time professors.

In recent years, the school’s research capacity has been greatly increased in line with the intensifying pace of research. More than 300 academic books and over 500 papers have been published. More than 100 research and development projects, ranging from ministerial and national to international ones, with totally up to 20 million CNY research grants, have been undertaken.

Our journalism and communication major ranked No. 5 in the discipline assessment by the Ministry of Education in China. It also ranked No.3 of best disciplines in China by Shanghai Ranking. In addition, our communication major is in top 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2012.

SMC is active in research collaboration with SJTU’s School of Electronics, Information, and Electrical Engineering, Antai School of Economics and Management, and Institute of Arts and Humanities. It also collaborates closely with local industrial organizations such as Baidu and SMG. In addition, SMC has built strong communication ties with a number of prestigious schools around the world.