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Cultural Industry and Management

Department of Cultural Industry and Management


Head: Professor Shilian Shan

Associate Head: Professor Kanghua Li; Professor Jinzhu Ling


Cultural Industry, known as the “Sun Rise Industry” and “Golden Industry”, is an emerging industry against the backdrop of globalized consumption. Booming cultural industry is a signature of information age. Cultural industry also has a huge market in China.


The Department of Cultural Industry and Management has featured its education and research in key areas of Cultural Economics, Cultural Policy, Cultural Management, Cultural Industry Theory and Practice, Cultural Marketing, Cultural Administration, and International Cultural Trade.

The primary mission of the department is to train and educate professional talents who are equipped with not only extraordinary abilities in creative planning, public relation consultation, organizing and marketing, but also higher personal cultivation in culture, art and aesthetic judgement, for important cultural industries and management fields. Upon graduation, the students are able to be involved in important cultural business and management work in government’s publicity department, cultural institutions, large-sized cultural enterprises and multi-national cultural corporations.