About the School
Dean of SMD
Professor of Journalism and Communication
Ph.D. Supervisor
E-mail: benqianl@126.com


Ph.D., School of Journalism, Fudan University, China, 2001; the first batch of Ph.D. graduates in communication in China; Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, China; Postdoctoral Research Center of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation; Member of the Steering Committee in Journalism Education, Ministry of Education of China



1.  New Century Talent awarded by the Ministry of Education in China

2.  Nominee for the National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertations

3.  Education Talent awarded by Shanghai Education Commission

4.  The Second Class Prize of the 7th Shanghai Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences Award

5.  The Third Class Prize of the 6th Shanghai Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences Award

6.  National Excellent Achievements in Commercial Development Award awarded by the Ministry of Commerce in China

7.  The 14th Anzijie Excellent Research Achievements in International Trade Award


Research Projects and Publications

·  Research Projects

1.  The Role of Media Economics in China’s Economic Development supported by National Social Science Foundation

2.  Opening of the Media Capital Market and Risk Prevention of National Communication Sovereignty supported by the “New Century Talent” program by the Ministry of Education

3.  Research on accelerating the construction of the cultural industry system of Shanghai supported by Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Shanghai

4.  State Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project of China

5.  General projects sponsored by Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Shanghai

6.  Key projects supported by Science Foundation for Educational Planning Program of Shanghai

·  Publications

7. 5 books, e.g., Agenda Setting Function of Mass Media in China

8.  More than 50 articles, e.g., Development Goal, Path and Strategy of China's Media Organization and Chinese Audience and Media Agenda Setting Function.


Research Interests

1.  Media Economics and Management

2.  Media Industry and Policy

3.  Media Effect