International Seminar Announcement (2)

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International Seminar Announcement (2)

Theme: International Conference: Media convergence and Digital Communication (Online)

Held by: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sorbonne University, Grenoble University, Gustave Eiffel University, University of Paris II                     Panthéon-Assas

Time: 16 déc. 2020 08:30 AM Paris

             Dec 16 2020 3:30 PM Beijing

Location: Paris

Conference Host: Dr. Hairong Feng, Professor

How to join:

ZOOM MEETING ID: 832 2889 9947



The Sino-French University Joint Communication Forum will be jointly organized by well-known French universities such as Paris Sorbonne University, Paris II University, Eiffel University, Grenoble University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It aims to invite young scholars and graduate students in the field of communication to share in Relevant research results in the digital media era, and exchange and share academic experience. Related topics include, but are not limited to: media integration, the history of media change and integration between China and foreign countries, digital communication and related social ethical issues, etc.